All the zaps: Husqvarna builds an electric dirt bike

Husqvarna isn’t just about big-bore hoonigan antics, or dirt-shredding enduros. The good people at Husky also know kids have to get out on two wheels, and that’s why the company has built the EE 5 electric bike.

It’s genius, if you think about it: today’s busy parents have lots to do, and winterizing, then restoring a gas-powered minibike every spring is just one more unwanted chore, especially if they aren’t the handy type. And, all season long, a gas-powered bike needs constant maintenance, oil changes and refuelling. Guess what? Those problems are non-existent with an electric bike.

It’s also genius because while electric bikes can be a hard sell to jaded adults who poo-poo the limited range, most kids don’t have that problem—they have to be home at bedtime. Their needs are much more modest, especially when you consider they also don’t have anywhere near as much weight to haul and their parents probably don’t want them traveling at breakneck speed in the first place. Supposedly, this machine makes 7 hp, and has six different ride modes, some of which are no doubt fairly neutered, to keep kids safe.

Husky says this machine is quick to recharge, with a 907-watt lithium ion battery. What’s more, Husqvarna is talking up its chassis, saying it’s based on race-proven technology, and even pointing out the bike has WP Suspension. So, this is aimed at more than just the minibike market; it seems like they plan on enabling kids to work out their inner dreams of speed.

It appears likely the EE 5 will come to Canada, although when, and how much it will cost, is still a question.


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