The Motorcycle Show – Toronto gears up for Family Day weekend

The Toronto Motorcycle Show is still a few months off, but organizers are already getting the word out on the February 15-17 event. This year, all the major manufacturers are back at the show, along with Yamaha’s Riding Academy. Riding instructor Clinton Smout is also back with another demo performance, and Canadian stunt rider Craig […]

Norton reveals Atlas Nomad, Ranger models

Norton has unveiled two new models, the Atlas Nomad and Atlas Ranger, aimed at making the company’s machines more affordable for the average rider, or so is the claim. Once arguably the most prestigious Brit bike brand, Norton fell on extremely hard times from the 1970s through the 1990s, until businessman Stuart Garner revived the […]

Design your own custom-painted motorcycle helmet with Bell

Bell Powersports is once again innovating in the custom motorcycle helmet scene by starting a program that allows customers to design their own helmet paint job. For a while now, Bell has been at the forefront of helmet customization, previously debuting a custom-fit helmet system back in 2014. This new custom design program isn’t exactly […]

Sportier sport touring: BMW R1250 RS photo gallery

The BMW R1250 RS has long been the sportier entry in its touring lineup, with lines a little more sleek and minimalized than the RT machines. Now, it’s been updated for 2019. Like the other liquid-cooled flat twins in BMW’s lineup, the R1250 RS gets BMW’s Shiftcam engine, featuring variable valve timing on the intake […]

Further signs of the apocalypse: Here’s an electric Ural

We’ve already told you Ural is building a better boxer engine for 2019. Now, we’ve got word the Russian sidecar rig manufacturer is also working on a battery-powered version of its iconic hack. California-based ICG helped Ural put this project together, matching EV technology from Zero Motors with Ural’s single-wheel-drive sidecar platform. It sounds crazy, […]

Honda CRF450L Rally concept gets us Dakar dreaming

Earlier this year, Honda released the CRF450L after years of listening to to fanboys whine that this, this was the bike they wanted. Naturally, as soon as they got the bike they wanted, the fanboys started whining that what they really wanted was a rallyized version of the 450. So, Honda’s built this concept to […]

Jaguar Land Rover invests in Arc

Automotive group Jaguar Land Rover is investing in electric motorcycles, sort of. The automotive group’s venture capital fund has invested in Arc. Never heard of them before? Neither have we, but according to the presser, it’s “the world’s first fully-electric motorcycle with Human Machine Interface (HMI). Arc Vector is the most advanced electric motorcycle ever […]

Superbike madness: 45 photos of the beautiful 2019 BMW S1000 RR

Earlier this week, we gave you the details on the 2019 BMW S1000 RR superbike: horsepower up, weight down, and a redesigned engine with Shiftcam variable valve timing. Hot stuff indeed, and you can read it all here. But, what we didn’t have at that time was photos of the new bike. We’ve got ’em […]

Royal Enfield KX bobber concept wows EICMA, won’t see production

What’s got a V-twin engine, a girder front end and far-out Buck Rogers styling? If you said the Royal Enfield Concept KX, you answered correctly. While Royal Enfield did not announce any new production motorcycles at Milan’s EICMA show this week, the Indian company did reveal a very interesting concept that shows the company is […]

Honda CRF trail bikes get EFI

Honda has upgraded its off-road trail bike lineup with fuel injection for 2019, and also adding some other upgrades. Up until now, the CRF trail bikes have been using carburetors—old-school, but cheap and effective. But carburetors come with a host of disadvantages as well, including increased tailpipe emissions and a difficulty in tuning for best […]

Triumph announces Bonneville T120 Ace, Bonneville T120 Diamond

Triumph hasn’t announced any all-new machines at the EICMA show, but did show off two special editions of its Bonneville T120 platform—the Bonneville T120 Ace and the Bonneville T120 Diamond. The Bonneville T120 Ace is based of a T120 Black, but with a paint scheme commemorating London’s famous Ace Cafe, one of the original cafe […]

Kymco SuperNEX: A wild electric superbike from Taiwan

For a few days, Kymco has been hinting we’d see an electric motorcycle unveiled at EICMA. Now it’s here, and it’s wild. The Kymco SuperNEX is, as far as we can tell, only in concept form at this time. Still, it makes Kymco the first Asian manufacturer to display a proper electric superbike; the only […]

KTM SX-E 5: An electric minibike for Team Orange

Along with high-horsepower adventure bikes, supermotos and dual sports, KTM has also been busy working on this project: an electric minibike for kids. The KTM SX-E5 is powered by a lithium-ion battery, hooked up to a 5 kW motor. While we’re not sure on battery capacity, KTM says a beginning rider can get as much […]

Aprilia RS 660 concept a shape-shifter?

What do you get when you cut a Tuono or RSV 1100 V4 engine in half, leaving just the front pair of cylinders? You get Aprilia’s  tasty looking 600 sportbike, though it’s still just a concept. “The RS 660 project is the development base for a wider range that intends to make Aprilia a key […]

Ural to build a better boxer for 2019

In case you didn’t find the American political chaos a sign of impending apocalypse, we’ve got a second sign for you: Ural is updating its lineup, with major tweaks to its engines and other components. Although the Russian company’s flat twin has been basically unchanged since Uncle Joe Stalin stole the plans from BMW during […]

The Kawasaki W800 is coming, and it’s coming to Canada.

Earlier today in Milan, Kawasaki unveiled the retrotastic W800 Street (pictured above) and W800 Cafe (pictured below) at the EICMA motorcycle show. And later on today, we got confirmation it’s coming to Canada. Many readers will recall the W650 series from years back, retro-styled parallel twins Kawasaki supplied to the Canadian market—here you can read […]

All the zaps: Husqvarna builds an electric dirt bike

Husqvarna isn’t just about big-bore hoonigan antics, or dirt-shredding enduros. The good people at Husky also know kids have to get out on two wheels, and that’s why the company has built the EE 5 electric bike. It’s genius, if you think about it: today’s busy parents have lots to do, and winterizing, then restoring […]

KTM 690 Enduro R: KTM keeps the big bore thumper dream alive

We live in grim times. A time when a single cylinder dual sport, instead of becoming a cornerstone of a manufacturer’s lineup, is a millstone that’s dropped before it drags the company down into the sea of irrelevancy. Or so we’re told to believe, as the Japanese OEMs move away from one of the bike […]

Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE gets new suspension and software

Kawasaki’s hyper-touring Ninja will have electronic suspension for 2019, as well as integration with a smartphone app for adjustments and ride data. Like the ZX-10R sportbike, which featured Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension (KECS) for 2018, the 2019 H2 SX SE will be able to react to bumps in the road a thousand times every second, […]

CBR650: Sportier, faster for 2019

Honda’s revamped its inline-four 650 platform this year, benefiting not only the CB650R but also the sensible CBR650 sport tourer. Thanks in part to a new exhaust and intake system, the engine sees horsepower up five per cent, with a redline up 1,000 rpm—that means max output at roughly 95 hp, at least for the […]

2019 Honda CB500X upgraded for next season

Honda has updated its mild-mannered adventure bike for 2019, with a few bits intended to improve offroad performance, as well as a retuned engine. The parallel twin engine sees the same improvements as the rest of Honda’s 500 lineup this year: midrange horsepower and torque are up this year, but by the sound of it, […]

2019 Honda CB650R: Middleweight neo-retro unveiled at EICMA.

Honda already has the CB300F and CB1000R neo-retros, and now, Big Red has unveiled the 2019 CB650R at EICMA, making for a fully-rounded lineup. The basics are familiar: a naked bike with steel frame, powered by a liquid-cooled 650 cc inline four engine. But this year, that engine has power up five per cent to […]

2019 Kawasaki Z400: Team Green builds an entry-level naked bike

The Kawasaki Z400 has finally been revealed in Milan, with Team Green taking off the wraps at the EICMA show. As expected, the Z400 is, at its core, a stripped-down Ninja 400. Steel tubular trellis frame, liquid-cooled 399cc parallel-twin motor with six-speed gearbox—it’s familiar territory. But, instead of a fairing and clip-on handlebars, Kawasaki put an […]