Polaris recall

Polaris Slingshot models see a recall for models dating all the way back to 2015. Source

BMW recall

Transport Canada has deemed some BMW windshields are too dark. Go figure. Source

Edmonton to study photo-ticketing for loud pipes

It’s springtime in Canada, and that means we’re about to hear the war over loud pipes start up again (no pun intended). This, the opening shots will be fired in Edmonton, where the CBC reports city councillors are looking at new technology for ticketing loud vehicles, including loud motorcycles. As always, the move is a […]

Royal Enfield is working on an electric bike

Royal Enfield has announced it’s working on an electric motorcycle. The company’s president has reportedly told India’s Economic Times newspaper that Royal Enfield has an ongoing electric motorcycle project—and that’s it. No promise of an arrival date, no details on power, battery capacity, or range. However, given Royal Enfield’s status as an up-and-coming contender to […]

Ivan Beggio, founder of Aprilia, dies at 73

The founder of Aprilia, Ivan Beggio, has died at 73. Beggio’s career in motorcycle manufacturing began in the same way so many other manufacturers got their start—he took an existing bicycle brand and move it into the world of motorcycles and scooters. His father made bicycles by hand, but by 1975, Beggio (pictured above) had […]

KTM MY RIDE app allows music streaming, navigation and more

The latest version of the KTM MY RIDE app offers three levels of smartphone integration, depending which motorcycle you own. For owners of the 2018 390 Duke, 1290 Super Duke R, 1290 Super Adventure S and 1290 Super Adventure R, the MY RIDE app will offer basic phone connectivity as well as music streaming. The […]