Gossip: Indian is developing a model called the “Raven”


Those mad Internet sleuths over at Motorcycle.com have dug up an interesting tidbit from a trademark application, hinting Indian is working on a new model called the Raven.

The application was filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office; in theory, we’ll see a similar filing soon in North America. The application was only for the name of the bike, with none of those line drawings that would tip real information about the bike’s styling and intent.

Of course, the rumour mill is churning with gossip over the possibility of a new sportbike. Is that realistic? All we’ll say for sure is, if this bike comes to market, expect a whole pile of Edgar Allen Poe-related puns when it’s unveiled. And, since this bike doesn’t have any First Nations-related name, and doesn’t carry the name of a classic Indian model, maybe we’ll see something unlike anything Indian has done before?