Iron 1200, Forty-Eight Special join Harley-Davidson lineup

Harley-Davidson continues to tweak its lineup into new models with the introduction of the Iron 1200 and the Forty-Eight Special.

Both bikes are mutations of current machines in the Sportster lineup. The Iron 1200 is basically the Iron 883 – long considered one of Harley-Davidson’s entry-level models – with the larger-displacement engine.

There’s also a mini-ape handlebar, cafe-style solo saddle, graphics that hark back to the AMF era, a bikini fairing and fork gaiters. It has a bit of west-coast custom vibe, but obviously, it’s not designed around the Big Twin platform that usually powers the more expensive builds.

MSRP for the Iron 1200 is $11,999. For more details and specs on the Iron 1200, visit Harley-Davidson’s Canadian website.

As for the Forty-Eight Special (photo below), it has the same fat-tire look as the original Forty-Eight, meant to emulate the post-WWII bikes that are still romanticized to this day. However, while the original Forty-Eight was mostly blacked-out, the Special has a much flashier finish (chromed primary, inspection and derby covers, along with exhaust, lower rocker boxes, pushrod tubes and tappet covers). There’s also a new Tallboy-style handlebar. Aside from that, there’s not a lot of change.

MSRP for the Forty-Eight Special is $12,999; find specs and other details at the Harley-Davidson website.

The Forty-Eight Special is basically the same as the Forty-Eight, but with more bling.