Ontario motorcyclist gets 90 days in jail for speeding


A high-profile speeding case from last spring has finally worked its way through the Ontario courts, and the offending rider is paying big time, with jail time.

The incident occurred in May, when a motorcyclist was apprehended after leading police on a high-speed chase along Queen Elizabeth Way. The rider hit speeds of more than 200 km/h after fleeing a traffic stop. Police were running extra traffic enforcement due to it being Victoria Day weekend, and ended up using an airplane to track the rider as he blew through traffic. Police cars gave up the chase due to the high speeds involved, but the aircraft continued to follow the motorcyclist to his home.

As a result, the cops finally caught up with Igor Matej, of Hamilton,  and arrested him.

In a January court appearance, Matej pleaded guilty on charges of charges of flight from police and driving while disqualified—turned out he’d already lost his licence over a dangerous driving conviction in 2014.

This week, Matej received a 90-day jail sentence for his behaviour, and also earned another three-year driving suspension.