Round one of the 2017 CXCC

The CXCC West has a different point numbering system than the BCORCS series. We’ll keep you updated after each Round so you can track your ranking in the CXCC West series.    Cheers! The Scoring Team. 

BCCOM Milk Bikes

BCCOM was recently contacted by Blood Bikes UK on behalf of BC Women’s Provincial Milk Bank, in the hopes that we could help initiate a service like they have here in B.C.  Have a look at the link below to find out exactly what it is they do. Here’s some background on who we’re […]

Motorcycle Injuries Go Up

Last year, 330 people were injured in 440 motorcycle crashes in B.C.’s Southern Interior. Those numbers are coming from ICBC as it enters its Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in May, and as weather starts to clear up, paving the way for riders to hit the road. An average of 11 motorcyclists die each year across […]

Motorcycle Awareness Month

  Motorcycle Awareness Month, starts TODAY.  With warmer weather on the way here in B.C., more motorcyclists will be out on the streets, both bikers and drivers need to be aware of who they are sharing the road with. Please from all of us here at BCCOM, be safe out there and make sure to […]

Top 5 Rainy-Day Moto Books

We all dread these rainy spring days, when it’s too nasty to ride your bike. Thanks to the fine storytellers of our world, however, all is not lost, and there is a slew of great motorcycle reading and watching to…

Motorcyclists want the front line

The British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists (BCCOM) wants lane filtering implemented across the province this spring. Over the next two months, the coalition aims to send letters to every riding in BC prior to the May 9th, 2017 election.

Lane Splitting Bills Introduced In Three States

Buses carry people, trucks haul stuff, cars sit in traffic, and motorcycles split lanes to get around faster. It is natural and every country or state on this planet has to officially accept this practice. In the U.S., three more lane splitting bills have been introduced in Oregon, Washington, and Montana, so you should act […]