Motorcycle Accidents on the Rise

Its not just you, everyone in the community is noticing the large number of fatal motorcycle accidents that have occurred this riding season already. The scary part is we’re only at the beginning,  and unfortunately, more often than not, the safety and lives of motorcyclists depend on the other drivers on the road. For this […]

BC ORV Trails Fund is now taking applications!

BC ORV Trails Fund is now taking applications! This is great news for the motorized trails community, lots of work by dedicated volunteers and staff involved in getting this funding in place for now and future generations. Why not make the investment to join your local club today, and leverage your dollars to help build […]

Motorcycle Driving Safety Tips

Please from all of us here at BCCOM, be safe out there and make sure to use caution while driving. Some tips for all the car drivers out there this spring / summer: – Do not pull out in front of a motorcycle – Use your signals every time you’re about to switch lanes – […]

Motorcycle Safety Pledge

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month in B.C. and across Canada. Do you part to help keep our roads safe this year! Click on the link below to take the safety pledge

The Loud Pipes Debate is BACK

It’s springtime in Canada. The snow and sand are gone from the roads, the sun is shining, and the birds are singing — but you can’t hear them, thanks to your neighbour’s loud pipes. It’s getting a bit frustrating repeating this message every year, but it’s necessary. Loud pipes are a huge problem for the […]

Why Don’t Drivers See Motorcyclists? Science Explains Why!

You might be thinking: “That driver didn’t see me because they didn’t even bother looking,” but that’s not always the truth. As a motorcyclist, it’s easy to feel like you’re being bullied by other road users – remember that car that cut you off? Or that SUV that swerved in your direction? – but the […]

MLA Ride

THANK YOU! everyone who braved the uncertain weather last week and came out in support of the 26th Annual MLA Ride. A great way to kick off May is Motorcycle Awareness Month! Thank you to Minister Trevena & Jerome Atherton (ICBC’s road safety manager) for coming to speak at our event. And again thank you […]