Royal Enfield is working on an electric bike

Royal Enfield has announced it’s working on an electric motorcycle. The company’s president has reportedly told India’s Economic Times newspaper that Royal Enfield has an ongoing electric motorcycle project—and that’s it. No promise of an arrival date, no details on power, battery capacity, or range. However, given Royal Enfield’s status as an up-and-coming contender to […]

Ivan Beggio, founder of Aprilia, dies at 73

The founder of Aprilia, Ivan Beggio, has died at 73. Beggio’s career in motorcycle manufacturing began in the same way so many other manufacturers got their start—he took an existing bicycle brand and move it into the world of motorcycles and scooters. His father made bicycles by hand, but by 1975, Beggio (pictured above) had […]

KTM MY RIDE app allows music streaming, navigation and more

The latest version of the KTM MY RIDE app offers three levels of smartphone integration, depending which motorcycle you own. For owners of the 2018 390 Duke, 1290 Super Duke R, 1290 Super Adventure S and 1290 Super Adventure R, the MY RIDE app will offer basic phone connectivity as well as music streaming. The […]

BC border-jumper pleads guilty

Remember that story about the BC border jumper? It turns out he’s pleaded to a list of charges. Some CMGers will remember the story of the cross-border hoon who jumped a motorcycle across the BC-Washington border on a stolen motorcycle with stolen plates, then fleeing on foot, changing his clothes in a nearby mall and […]

Video: Here’s how the Yamaha Niken suspension works

The Yamaha Niken is a love-it-or-loathe-it creation, a hybrid of a dual-wheel front end with a Yamaha MT-09 naked bike. It looks weird, and that extra wheel really turns off some motorcyclists. But whether or not you like the Niken, you’ve got to admit it’s some cool design work, and it’s even cooler that it’s […]

Sign up now for the Backroad Ball!

Seeing as it’s International Women’s Day, here’s an update on the Backroad Ball, Canada’s females-only motorcycle rally running June 15-17 in Penobsquis, NB. We’ve talked about the Backroad Ball before on CMG, but in a nutshell, it’s a motorcycle rally for “all licensed female-identifying motorcyclists as well as moto-curious women regardless of motorcycle make or […]

Harley-Davidson may be affected by brewing trade war

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you probably know that US president Donald Trump appears to be preparing for a trade war. Now, it appears Harley-Davidson may soon feel the impact of that conflict. Motorcycles have already been one of the issues that have popped up in controversy over trade, with Trump saying […]

Oliver Solaro (a.k.a. Brokentooth) makes it to Churchill, Manitoba

Oliver Solaro has succeeded in pulling off one of the more difficult motorcycle expeditions we’ve seen here in Canada—a mid-winter dog food delivery to Churchill, Manitoba. Although he’s always up to some oddball adventure, Solaro’s an adventure rider whose specialty is riding Canadian ice roads in winter. He’s pulled off some very ambitious trips on […]

Showroom Showdown: Four neo-retro bikes

This year, there are four hot new neo-retro models arriving in Canada. Although there are significant differences between them, the Kawasaki Z900 RS, the Yamaha XSR700, the Honda CB1000R and the Suzuki SV650X are all aimed at grabbing sales in the same segment. Which one is for you? Nobody’s had the chance to ride them […]

Indian unveils Chieftain Elite

Indian is bringing the Chieftain Elite back. As the name suggests, this machine is built on the Chieftain platform, but it’s even more expensive than the base model, adding about $12k for a $37,999 MSRP in Canada. For that money, you get a LED headlight and driving lights, 200-watt sound system, leather seats, billet driver […]

Harley-Davidson teams up with Alta

Harley-Davidson is taking a bold step into the future with an investment into Alta Motors, says Asphalt & Rubber. Alta Motors doesn’t have a high profile in Canada, but the California-based electric motorcycle manufacturer has been slowly building momentum in the US market for many years. Originally founded as BRD, Alta’s original goal was to build […]

Harley-Davidson announces 115th anniversary plans

Harley-Davidson turns 115 years old in 2018, and as usual when it hits a milestone, the MoCo has a party planned. This time, Harley-Davidson has a party planned in Milwaukee over this summer’s Labour Day weekend. On August 29-September 2, Harley-Davidson has its usual list of group rides, bike shows, and more. This year, there’s […]

Man vs. semi: Rider survives after sliding under truck

How do you know when you’re the luckiest dude on two wheels? How about, when your wheelie goes wrong, and you slide under a semi in the next lane, and come out intact? That’s the sort of thing you see in the movies, performed by stuntmen in a carefully organized environment, but here, YouTuber HammyMoto […]