Stolen helmet results in pepper spray assault in BC

Here’s a weird one that isn’t your everyday Canadian rider’s experience.

Chris Pelech of White Rock, BC, was out for a nice season-ending ride with his wife on Oct. 21 when they decided to go for lunch at a Maple Ridge bistro. All fine and dandy, until Pelech looked out while drinking his coffee and saw someone stealing his motorcycle helmet.

Pelech told BC Local News that he would have just let the thief get away with the helmet if it had been a less expensive model, but as it was a Schuberth C3 Pro worth $1,500, he chased the thief down. Unfortunately for him, the crook handed the stolen helmet off to an accomplice, then made a getaway by bicycle.

Pelech said he then followed the accomplice, but was driven back when the escaping man hit him with pepper spray. Despite the spray, Pelech continued the pursuit on foot, enlisting some bystanders to help, but eventually both thieves escaped.

In the aftermath, Pelech noted both the good and bad sides of people, saying he’d traveled through 49 countries, including developing nations, and had never been assaulted except for this mid-brunch incident in BC. But on the other hand, he appreciated the people who helped him, and the restaurant for giving him his meal without charge. Even though Canada proved to be a more dangerous area to ride than the Third World, at least his fellow citizens stepped up.

An experience like this is a bummer to say the least. But, we’re still left with one big question: How did Pelech ride home without his helmet?