Why doesn’t Tom Cruise wear a motorcycle helmet?


Tom Cruise: He’s starred in a gazillion action films, as well as some watchable stuff. In many of them, he rides a motorcycle. This is because (in case you didn’t know), Tom Cruise likes motorcycles. He Likes Them A Lot. No mystery there. The mystery is, why doesn’t Tom Cruise bother wearing a motorcycle helmet in these motorcycle scenes? After careful analysis, we think we’ve come up with some possible answers.

Kelly McGillis doesn’t seem as thrilled about this helmet-free ride as Tom Cruise does!
Top Gun (1986)

This is the first movie where Tom Cruise does a motorcycle scene; having paid his dues riding a bicycle in Risky Business, the Hollywood Establishment decided he was now allowed to add a motor to those two wheels. What better way to celebrate than to rip around on your GPZ900R with the wind in your hair?