Yamaha exec says more leaning multi-wheeled vehicles coming


Are they the future of motorcycling? Are they the enemy? Either way, it seems more leaning multi-wheeled vehicles are on the way, according to a Yamaha exec.

Yamaha brought one of the most controversial machines the show circuit has seen in years when it debuted the Niken leaning three-wheeler at the Tokyo Motor Show last fall, then later announced it was headed to production.

Reaction was mixed, to say the least. Some motorheads loved the idea of a three-wheeler that was designed to go around corners fast, with up-to-date engine and advanced safety electronics as well. Other motorcycle enthusiasts decried the idea of a three-wheeled vehicle ever being as good as “the real thing”—that is to say, a two-wheeled motorbike.

In a speech giving the company’s financials, Yamaha CEO/President Yoshihiro Hidaka mentioned the Niken, then said the company plans to bring more leaning multi-wheeled vehicles to market. That doesn’t necessarily mean leaning three-wheelers like the Niken, as four-wheeled prototypes sometimes appear on the show circuit as well. You can see the clip of Hidaka talking about the multi-wheelers here. He gives no other details; he just says Yamaha is working on more. Does that mean a parallel twin version might come soon, based on the MT-07? Or a four-cylinder version? Stay tuned.